We shall do mining in a manner that ensures the welfare of our host communities, the protection and conservation of their environment while pursuing our corporate goals. We shall do all these as we endeavor to be a catalyst for uplifting their lives and aspire to be a responsible steward of mineral resources, a gift from the Divine Providence.
We seek to become one of the most admired mining firms in the Philippines. We shall employ best mining practices at all times – through Clean Mining: the Marcventures Way – in the pursuit of a healthy balance between our goals of maintaining a pristine environment, improving the quality of life for our host communities and in the process attaining sustainability and profitability.
We shall:
- Always protect, maintain and restore our mining areas – to the greatest extent possible – to the state that God has given us. We shall comply at all times with the laws of the land and of nature.
- Continuously seek to integrate with our mining activities such plans and programs that will promote sustainable development for the people hosting our activities.
- Conduct our business in the most efficient manner, guided by the principles of transparency, ethical practices, and best operating processes that will allow us to achieve profitability and generate the resources to achieve our goals for our stakeholders and the environment. We shall pay all our taxes fully and religiously and provide a reasonable return for our shareholders.
Our faith in God and His infinite goodness shall be our inspiration.