Our People

Our People
Our people are our primary asset in attaining our business objectives. Thus, we make sure they are well cared for; they are respected, rewarded, and secure.
Excellence, leadership, commitment, and integrity are values that represent our people philosophy. In order to realize this philosophy, we strive to provide rewarding opportunities and benefits to our employees and encourage them to maximize their fullest potential. We take serious efforts to constantly hone and nurture our people because we view them as partners in providing value to our stakeholders.
Apart from ensuring compliance with government-mandated benefits, we also offer extra compensation that fulfill our employees’ medical, livelihood, and educational needs. These extend to their family members in the form of food subsidies, educational assistance, and health insurance.
Marcventures Holdings Inc. also employs people from diverse backgrounds and offer equal chances to deserving candidates. Most importantly, we take pride in hiring and developing local talent because we understand that recruiting from the communities where we operate will help foster local economic development.
We believe that it is through employing, retaining, and developing the right people that we ultimately create a positive impact to our host communities and to the economy as a whole.

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