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Before mining commenced in Surigao del Sur, host local government units had limited funds for much-needed infrastructure. Recognizing that infrastructure are a fundamental requirement in the flourishing of commerce and in improving the quality of life, Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation has given primary importance to the physical development of its host communities as the company lays the foundation for sustainable economic growth.
A once muddy pathway in Barangay Panikian, for instance, is now a 500-meter concrete road with drainage that has drastically improved the local economy and swift flow of goods. Residents of Barangay Bon-ot who previously had to cross an adjacent island for their water supply now have access to potable water after MMDC installed a water system that now services more than 50 households.
MMDC also participated in the repair and improvement of Barangay Gamuton’s evacuation center, which has withstood several calamities. The facility has served its purpose well, protecting residents from low lying flood-prone areas in the village in this Southern Philippines region that is often hit by typhoons and torrential rains for a good part of the year.
Below is the summary of all completed projects from 2013 to 2016:
Project Name: Construction of Drainage System
Location: Brgy. Panikian
Recipient: BLGU Panikian
Project Name: Road Concreting
Location: Brgy. Bon-ot
Recipient: BLGU Bon-ot
Project Name: Construction of Evacuation Center
Location: Sitio Pili, Brgy. Panikian
Recipient: IP Community of Pili
Project Name: Construction of Multi-purpose/Evacuation Center
Location: Sitio Pili, Panikian
Recipient: IP Community of Sitio Pili
Project Name: Purchase of Emergency Vehicles
Location: Brgy. Cabas-an, Cantilan, S.D.S
Recipient: BLGU Cabas-an
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